National Fallen

Firefighters Foundation


Granite State Fire Service Support Team

Mission Statement

Granite State Fire Service Support Team is willing provide immediate assistance and support to any emergency response agency that has experienced a line-of-duty critical injury or death to a Firefighter, Police Officer or Emergency Medical Services Personnel.

Our expertise is assist any department with any detail necessary in using the State contingency plan to ensure professional delivery of services to the family, department and/or community, of our injured or fallen Brothers or Sisters.

Who is covered by this plan ?

All Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services providers whether Full-time, Call, or Volunteer associated with Fire Departments in the State of New Hampshire as well as Volunteers EMS personnel associated with an Officially recognized or Legally organized Volunteer Rescue Squads or Ambulance Squads

This plan is for everyone and covers everyone is covered.

To contact us for non-urgent or routine items, please email info@gsfsst.org, or call 603.396.0185